A$ap Rocky and Under Armour shift sneaker culture with collab sneaker

Asap Rocky is the latest rapper to release a signature sneaker rather than choosing to work with Adidas or Nike he choose to collaborate with Under Armour. The sneaker community was shocked by the news at first glance it seems like an odd paring but if you look deeper its actually a perfect match. Under Armour have tried and failed to enter the lifestyle market Asap Rocky’s influence on fashion culture might be the spark they need to succeed. The AWGE x Under Armour SRLo is Asap Rockys and Under Armours first shoe together.

“I want to make a skate shoe that i love it just dosen’t matter that’s under armour it dosen’t matter that its Asap.”

Rocky was inspired by New York City skate culture he in recreated the Orisis D3 an iconic skate shoe he admired growing up. Rocky’s shoe was designed by former pro skater and iconic skate figure Dave Mayhew the designer of the Osiris D3. Osiris claim that Asap Rocky and Under Armour stole the design without any credit and that Dave Mayhew had nothing to do with the Rocky’s Sneaker.

The AWGE x Under Armour SRLo is very much on trend riding the chunky sneaker dad shoe wave. Rocky wanted to create a skate rave shoe that encapsulated New York city rave and skate culture.

The AWGE x Under Armour SRLo was released on the 14th of September at a skate rave pop-up party in Harlem New York only 250 pairs were made available to buy.

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Images sourced from www.grailed.com

Words by Kwame

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