Complex sheds light on Japanese Sneaker culture on "Sole Origins" Mini-doc

Sole Origins is a sneaker culture documentary series created by the good people at Complex. Each documentary delves deep into sneaker culture weaving compelling narratives around grail sneakers unearthing the people and brands behind the cultural phenomenon that is sneaker culture. Complex takes viewers on a journey to New York, Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles. Featuring insightful interviews from Joe La Puma, Clark Kent, Ugly Mely, Hirofumi Kojima and Eric Koston. The Tokyo episode is my favourite one highlighting the important role Tokyo has played in sneaker culture as a whole.

I am always fascinated by how people from different places consume and interpret sneaker culture. In America basketball sneakers are the dominant silhouettes, but in Europe running shoes are the sneakers of choice. Japanese sneaker culture embraces all types of sneakers old and new reflecting the traditional yet progressive nature of Japanese culture.

The video opens with veteran sneaker journalist Russ Bengtson walking the streets of Tokyo marvelling at the innovative futuristic designs of Tokyo’s’ sneaker and streetwear shops. The highlight of the documentary for me is the feature on Atmos legendary Japanese sneaker store. Atmos created some of the most hyped sneakers of all time including the Atmos Air Max 1 and Air Max 95 Jungle pack.

Video Creator Complex

Images owned by Complex

Words by Kwame

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