AW18 Fashion Trend Report

Autumn Styling Tips

After a beautifully endless European – esque summer, the new fashion season has finally arrived and dreams of cosy nights and endless knitwear becomes an ever impressing reality which is thankfully perfectly illustrated by the autumn/ winter trends which we’ll be adding to our winter wardrobes.

This season is inspired by a sense of protection, whether it’s based from a need of comfort from an increasingly unsettling world or just the typical winter based elements, there are plenty of opportunities to create your own chic duvet style looks and congratulate yourself on being totally fashion forward.

Puffas continue their strong reign as well as parkas and literally …blankets, so wrap up warm and don’t be shy when it comes to layering – you need to layer everything, including two or three coats which are of course to be worn at the same time, making it the perfect excuse as to why you will now have many, many coats and jackets in your wardrobe.

Seasonal pieces are flush with everyday practicality encased within powerful silhouettes that are enhanced by jewelled tones of satin, opposed by a new neon colour palette splattered with animal print and a diverse vocabulary of haute British heritage, not forgetting a fresh serving of the popular 80s remix trend giving us our retro style cut for our obligatory Christmas party dress - this season promises to showcase fresh ideas and strongly demonstrates that the idea of fashion and how we think about what we are wearing is changing.

Fashion is certainly becoming more and more gender fluid - we aren’t restricted to the patently expected categories and styles that have historically paved their way into our wardrobes, but are instead turning towards a less predictable vision of a woman.

Finally, after being the strongest and most powerful advocate for styling myself in the most comfortable clothing with a perfect hint of “relaxed glamour”, it’s clear to see that others are engaging with the idea and fully climbing aboard this ultimate chiller trend train. Fashion is all about expressing yourself, but it doesn’t mean that we have to make ourselves uncomfortable by dressing in something which we ultimately feel isn’t a true reflection of who we are as a person.

Winter is most definitely coming so detailed below are some of my most favourite current and upcoming trends inclusive of my styling tips for the autumn / winter season…

1.Checked Out

Checks have always been an integral part of British fashion translated through countless seasons and designer showcases. Repetitions of the pattern are a common occurrence, so no surprises it’s popped up again and this trend positively embraces everyones sense of style from punk rock to a regalia of tweed.

Make a statement and wear clashing checks together, build looks of check with both clothing and accessories or create a tailored look through primary coloured suiting.

2.The New Neon

Think neon like rave neon but with a citrus twist – oranges, lemons and limes take on a highlighter type hue that continues on from our rainbow colour palette, a key trend of the summer.

Best styled as a pop of colour against a more basic colour palette such as black or grey to enhance any look, or try colour blocking using tonal shades of the same colour to incorporate all aspects of your look - clothing, shoes and accessories, into a harmonious and impactful look.

3.Blanketed Beauty

Returning for another season blanket chic is bigger and snugglier than ever, but this time around they are cut into a more dramatic silhouette and can be found in various colours and patterns.

Either styled around the body held in place with belts, brooches or simply by pinching and tucking or just chucked over your shoulders, this trend will enhance your layering game and keep you warm and cosy no matter your chosen style.


Perfect for the party season this glamorous trend is translated through ornate accessories such as pearls and huge disc - like sequins, inclusive of chain mail dresses seen on the catwalks and iridescent masterpieces inspiring the masses to dress up like a shimmering disco ball evoking a sense of celebration. Given a reworked 80s remix makeover, the power shoulders and oversized ruffles are back but in sumptuous fabric, shimmering and shining in foil - like tones.

Wear sequins and pearls as beautifully encrusted accessories for your chosen party season look or uncover your inner 80s idol and wear those big shoulders with pride, either as a statement jacket or bandage dress with that one shoulder accented signatory of the era. Experiment with colour and fabrics – this is a trend to have fun with!

5.Layer Up

If you’re looking for your one key coat for the winter, then you would be wrong to do this, so very wrong as you should be looking for two or maybe three that you wouldn’t mind chucking on all together, if you find yourself wanting to fully invest with this particular trend.

I wasn’t lying when I mentioned that layering was the key message of the season and this includes coats. Anything from waterproofs to capes, jackets and blankets – probably not the best idea to wear three of the same jackets all at once necessarily, but perhaps a more eclectic vibe of textures and fabrics to create a look which beautifully encapsulates the winter season.

Words by Nicloa Drew

Images courtesy of: Prada, Versace, Erdem, House of Holland, Marc Jacobs, Paco Rabanne, Simone Rocha, Preen by Thornton Bergazzi, Alexander McQueen

Images soured from: Orient Palms, Tag walk, Another mag, Daze digital, Matches fashion, Vouge, Harpers Bazaar, Pinterest

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