Watch Petit Biscuit's fire new music video for new single “We Were Young’’ ft JP Cooper

Talented French producer, composer and songwriter Petit Biscuit teamed up with creative video director Pierre Saba-Aris on the music video for his new single We Were Young. British singer/songwriter JP Cooper provides a stellar guest appearance. We Were Young is a powerful uplifting single fusing elements of soul and gospel music over imaginative creative production.

Director Pierre Saba-Aris shares his thoughts on the music

“brought up in me a kind of nostalgia about happy memories. I wanted to transpose this into a dream-like universe, as if the man was dreaming all of these moments he had lived with this young woman. What happens in dreams definitely isn't always real, that's why we have these slices of life take place in timeless sets, and it's also why the faces of the characters have this fixed, artificial look. Like a dream that would be erased second after second, the woman and the environment around her melts as the movie goes on, until they completely disappear. Petit Biscuit joins them in that dream without ever crossing their paths. As if he too was walking in the shadow of one of his own relationships.”

Words by Kwame

Image courtesy of Petit Biscuit

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