Kira return with vibrant new single "Wanna Go Back"

Creative alt-pop duo Kira are back with another emotionally charged track infectious new single Wanna Go Back. Following the critical acclaim and success of previous singles Makes You Feel Better and That Would Be a Lie, Wanna Go Back feels like the third part of a trilogy. Kira have a talent for making songs that encapsulate romantic experiences Wanna Go Back is no exception. The 70’s-laced R&B influenced backing track provides the perfect canvas for Kira’s silky smooth lyrics.

Kira talk about new single Wanna Go Back

“This song started life one night in LA, looking out over the lights of the Hollywood Hills. It’s about getting to a point near the end of a relationship where things aren’t the same anymore. Wishing you could go back to the start, if only for a moment, to feel the way you used to."

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Thumbnail image courtesy of PR

Words by Kwame

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