Marques Martin drops powerful new single "Kissing Pavements"

Maryland born New York based rapper and producer Marques Martin follows the success of his debut single About 2 Die with new single Kissing Pavements. Marques Martin is a breath of fresh to the American hip hop scene his music deals with real life issues. While most rappers of his generation are rapping about money,drugs and women Marques paints a more down to earth realistic picture of american life.

Kissing pavements feels like vintage Kanye West Kanye is one of Marques key influences along with Kid Cudi, St.Vincent, Outkast, and The Beatles. Marques lyrical style crates vivid cinematic experience his words form images that take you into his world. The production has a hopeful euphoric gospel feel that contrasts the hard hitting gritty content. Marques Martin is definitely one to watch he is sure to have a big year in 2019.

Stream Kissing Pavements Here

Images soured from Lucid Online

Words by Kwame

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