Classic tracks: Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza by Mac Miller R.I.P


Mac Miller

Mac Millers words

“No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile.”

I did not want to make a post reporting on the tragic death of Mac Miller instead I wanted to make a post to celebrate his genius. We live in world where everything is for clicks people and publications are reporting on his death just to get clicks they have no interest in his music or in hip hop culture. As a true day one fan I want other people to know how great Mac Miller was an artist. Mac Miller earned the respect of old and young rappers a like he captured the hearts and minds of teenage America.

I can't believe its been eight years since Mac Miller burst onto the hip hop scene with his iconic hip hop mixtape K.I.D.S (Kickin' Incredibly Dope Shit) . K.I.D.S was inspired by the controversial cult film Kids directed by Larry Clark and written by Harmony Korine.  I remember my friend putting me onto Mac Miller I found a picture of him on Fader I thought to myself who is this little teenage kid. The first track I heard from Mac Miler was Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza my sceptitm quclkly fadeded away. I was blown away by the old school production and silky smooth lyrical wordplay. Mac made me fall in love with hip hop again alongside artists like Joey Bada$$ Mac Miller was making real hip hop music. The music video captured the energy and the emotion of youth going out with your friends having fun and causing trouble.

Rest in peace Mac you will be missed

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Words by Gideon Asibi

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