Selma Judith gets personal on debut single "Kind of Lonely"


selma judith

Talking about her single

“Sometimes you love someone ‘despite of…’, instead of ‘because of…’. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the emotions we feel for the person are any weaker – it can be quite the contrary. This kind of relationship can reach wuthering heights, but although the view might be grand and beautiful, the fall is further down. The thin air up in these clouds is addictive, but in the long run, it can really damage you.”

Selma Judith is 23 year-old talented female singer/songwriter from Copenhagen. Selma has just released her debut single Kind of Lonely which captures the emotional instability of a complicated relationship. Judith’s stunning angelic voice shines on moody atmospheric production which encapsulates what it feels like to be alone.

Selma Judith will be releasing an EP soon follow her on socials for updates

Image sources: Selma Judith/ Outpost Media

Words by Kwame

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