6lack Shows Growth On new album East Atlanta Love Letter

10 years ago RnB music was in a bad place top artists abandoned the genre transitioning into EDM music which was popular at the time. As the genre faded from prominence new innovative radical artists took up the mantle RnB superstar The Weeknd and cult hero Frank Ocean were important figures in this new era for RnB music. The content was raw and in your face detailing the darker side of love conveyed through dark themes and intricate narratives. The dark atmospheric electronic production provided the perfect soundscape for artists to express themselves. 6lack’s sound is the next step in the evolution of this new era of RnB music.

The first thing that strikes me about this album is the optimism and positivity a stark contrast the mood of his previous album Free 6lack. Free 6lack displayed a cynical pessimistic outlook on love and relationships tracks like Free and PRBLMS were unapologetic and hard hitting. 6lack describes his attitude to relationships “I developed a pattern where I would get into something and then it would get kind of serious then I would decide in my head that you cant deal with whats about to happen so then I’m out”.


6lack is an artist that draws heavily from personal experiences his content reflects his mood and feelings I can’t help thinking that the birth of his daughter was a major inspiration. My standout tracks is are Switch and Sorry these tracks illustrate 6lack’s change of approach seeing situations from a female and male perspectives rather then just from a male point of view. Switch 6lack takes accountability for his actions by looking at relationships from a woman’s perspective.On Sorry 6lack allows himself to be vulnerable lamenting mistakes made in a relationship coming to the conclusion that it was his fault. The album features solid guest appearances from J.Cole, Future, Offset and Khalid. East Atlanta Love Letter is a solid sophomore effort 6lack has managed to keep a core trademark sound but most importantly he has expanded his content

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Words by Kwame

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