Saint Clair drops powerful new single I'll Stay



Saint Clair talking about her Single I’ll Stay

“'I'll Stay' is about wrestling with your demons, trying to keep a sometimes irresistible urge under control. But also about hope and the promise of victory.”

Saint Clair aka Emma Topolski is a talented creative singer and songwriter based in north London her sound is a fusion of soul and rock influences. Saint Clair cultivated her sound by playing gigs at hotels as a jazz singer this was a testing time for Saint Clair. She describes this stage of her career in her own words “Playing three or four times a week, getting ignored in the corner of a five-star hotel”.

I’II Stay is a song about overcoming adversity staying true to yourself when everything is crumbling around you. Saint Clair’s powerful voice shines over atmospheric production crafted by creative producer Blake. You can feel the honesty and and sincerity in Saint Clair’s voice each words shes sings means something you can feel where she is coming from. Its refreshing to hear an artist open up and get personal its allows the listener to get to know the artist and build a personal connection on a humanistic level.

I’II Stay is out Now so his her new EP D2

Stream I’ll Stay Here Stream D2 Here

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