Dahlia Sleeps get deep on "Blackout"

Talented London based quartet  Dahila Sleeps  left  their mark on the London music scene with the success their debt Ep Breathe.  I was lucky enough to see them perform live last year at Hoxton Square. Blackout is one of the standout tracks from their sophomore Ep After It All an emotionally deep heart-wrenching track that captures the despair of loss. You can feel the emotion from Lucy Hill's soft voice sounds beautiful over a sombre sounding piano lead backing track. This track shows growth and maturity in content and approach to making music striping back the layers to expose more humanistic themes.

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Dahila Sleeps will be performing live at Omeara London on Friday the 9th of October 

Image credit: Dahlia Sleeps 

Words by Gideon 

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