6LACK drops bars on new single Nonchalant



Lyrics from "Nonchalant"

"Watch your mouth when you lettin shit slide
Don’t you know I got way too much pride?
Sneak dissin way on the other side
I turn your fuckin wave to a tide
I’m so fuckin tired, somehow I still find the time
To care a little more about my rhymes
To care a little more about my peers
To think a little less about my fears
To care a little more about your ears"

Atlanta native and RnB superstar 6LACK pronounced black takes a break from singing about relationships and heart break to get introspective on new single Nonchalant. 6LACK talks about his struggle to make it in music and the perilous nature of the music industry. Many people don't know that 6lack was a battle rapper before he was a singer. Nonchalant feels like a diss 6lack lets his rival know about his competitive nature warning potential antagonists not to challenge him. track His rap singing flow glides effortless over atmospheric production weaving intricate retrospective stories in his verses. The music video matches the introspective feel of the track featuring beautiful natural outdoor locations. East Atlanta Love Letter is the title of 6LACK 's forthcoming highly anticipated studio album following the success of his debut album FREE 6LACK.

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Image credit: Derrick Kakembo

Words by Gideon Asibi