Rose Villain drops a music video for new single "Funeral Party"

Rose Villain aka Rosa Luini is a talented Italian female singer and songwriter currently based in New York. "Funeral Party" is her first single with Republic records Rose Villain is the first Italian artist singed to the label. Rose Villain has a unique infectious rap singing flow that glides majestically over Sixpm's production. Rose Villain has a way with words weaving heavy subject matter into playful and super cool abstract songs. The video was shoot in Jamaican the percfect backdrop for the tracks tropical sound.



“It’s a song about the definitive end of a relationship, where he acted like a total jerk, and she moved on with a bang“.

Video Credits:
Written by Rose Villain
Directed by RD Studios
Executive Production: Cecilia De Santis
Edit: Rose Villain
Visual Effects: Mirko De Angelis
Color: Vincent Perretti
Styling: Alda Villa

Cover Image credit:

Words by Gideon Asibi

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