Saya keeps it real on new single "Side Ting"



Saya talks about her single

“I was lusting for something different and for something more. I tried to depict a playful yet intense visual to go along with the song that almost felt like you were in my head with me.”

Saya is a talented 23 year female songstress from Toronto Canada. Toronto has become a hotbed for revolutionary RnB talent music super star   "Side Ting" is the new single from her forthcoming EP "Sugar Coated" which drops later this year. The term ting is a Jamaican slang for a good looking person a nod to Toronto's Jamaican dance-hall culture. Saya sings her truth confidently expressing her desires raw and uncut with no consideration for social pressues or perceptions. The music video is a visual representation of Saya's desires and emotions. 

Saya is an artist to watch check out her Soundcloud

Photo Credit: Ashley Olah

Music Video Director: Zhamak Fullad

Words by Gideon Asibi

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