Now Now's new single "MJ" has a cool summer vibe

Now Now is an innovative american male and female alt pop duo consisting of KC Dalager and Brad Hale. "MJ" has a strong 80's electronic vibe sprinkled with a bit of RnB influence. "MJ" is the second single off their sophomore album SAVED. KC Dalager and Brad Hale pay tribute to music icon Michael Jackson the title of the song is a references his MJ moniker. 

KC Dalager and Brad Hale describe the track in their own words: 

“This song was written from the perspective of me speaking to Michael Jackson about a deteriorating relationship. He’s my childhood idol and someone I looked up to that has influenced my life. I felt he was someone that was a connecting point between me and someone else, only to realize that was used as a connecting point between that person and another person. So this song is me venting to Michael about that situation.”

Post by Gideon Asibi

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