Album Review: The Weeknd "My Dear Melancholy"

The Weeknd aka Abel Makkonen Tesfaye new Album "My Dear Melancholy" feels personal whether not it's inspired by Selena Gomez is up for debate. The Weeknd has never been an artist that relied on gossip or clickbait to sell music. Abel is a true artist who prefers to talk through his art. I get a strong feeling of lost and regret from "My Dear Melancholy" Abel shows that he is human and that he feels heartache like the rest of us.  His Last Album "Starboy" had a big universal pop sound that alienated some of Abels core fanbase. "My Dear Melancholy" marks a return to Abels dark twisted brand of RnB music. 

1.    "Call Out My Name"

on "Call Out My Name" Abel shows his vulnerable side asking an unknown female to call out his his name and acknowledge his love. 

2.    "Try Me"

"Try me" has a strong 80's influenced electronic sound Abel temps a girl to leave her man to go along with him

3.    "Wasted Times"

"Wasted Times" has a fun light feel to it this feeling enables Abel to be open and confess his mistakes. 

4.    "I Was Never There" (featuring Gesaffelstein)

"I Was Never There" feels like classic Abel he admits to not showing enough affection and love to his former partner

5.    "Hurt You" (featuring Gesaffelstein)

"Hurt You" feels like a part two to "I Was Never There" (featuring Gesaffelstein) Abel seems to be talking about the same mystery female reassuring her that he will never hurt her.

6.    "Privilege"

"Privilege" shows Abel regressing into his old ways after the pain of a break up


"My Dear Melancholy" is a solid project a great mix of light and dark soundscapes we get a call back to Abels timeless trademark sound. Abel opens up like never before he allows himself to be vunerable proving that he is capable of showing a more than rockstar womanising persona. My only criticism is that the album is too short consisting of only 6 tracks I wanted a bit more from Abel. The highlight of the project for me is "I Was Never There" (featuring Gesaffelstein) this track felt the most personal to me.  The Lack of features enabled Abel to get his vision across unhindered by a sea of outside voices. 

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Post by Gideon Asibi

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