Natali Felicia drops an artistic music video for smash hit "Say It"


Natali Felicia is a talented young female singer from Stockholm Sweden her sound is a blend of the electronic sound of the 80's fused with today's pop sound. Natali is a bit of a celebrity in Sweden she is the daughter of Iconic swedish actor Kjell Bergqvist, and the fashionista and TV personality Yvonne Ryding. Wrong Era is Natali's debut album a project that's reflects today's troubled times while also weaving in Natali's personal experiences and world views.

"Say It" is a powerful lead single the 80' influenced backing track blends well with Natali's distinctive voice. Natali encourages people to speak out in a society where everyone just wants to silent and accept the bad thing in the world, The video is a performance art piece performed by an all female cast of talented dancers, the video was directed by Josefin Malmén and choreographed by Lea Tirabasso.

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Video Director: Josefin Malmén

Record Label:AntiFragile Music

Post by Gideon Asibi

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