HUXLXY drops debut single "Horror Movies"


“Horror Movies is a homage to the horror genre, but it is also about introspection - when you're depressed, angry or upset those emotions can engulf all that you are and make it seem like theres nothing else. I wanted to write a song exploring the emotional totality that these feelings can create, but also figure out the point of view one would develop if you used them as fuel to navigate life, by leaning into the darker side of myself I found that living by rage and sadness can be scarier than any horror movie.

Huxlxy is an experimental conceptual alt-pop artist from the east end of London, Huxlxy’s futuristic progressive sound embodies the creative artistic culture of east London. Horror Movies is solid first effort from Huxlxy his silky smooth voice glides effortlessly over of production from Cam Blackwood (George Ezra, London Grammar, Florence and the Machine). Huxlxy is bringing concepts and themes back to music he described his sound as being Cartoon horror pop” in a recent interview for Hunger magazine.

The music video for Horror Movies pays homage to classic B movie horror flicks. Huxlxy came up with the concept for the music video collaborating with talented director Pierce Wilson. The video was shoot covertly in a local London park and features a cameo appearance from Fai.mous as an unsuspecting victim.

“The music video is the summation of that mind-set as well as a nod to the old Hollywood fascination people had and still have with those that choose to kill; it follows an artist desperate for recognition and fame, who decides that the line between infamy and fame is unimportant as long as people know who he is.”

Huxlxy talking about the music video for Horror Movies

Stream Horror Movies Here

Words by Kwame

Images courtesy of Huxlxy

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