Dominique Tey shares dreamy new single "Let It Out"


Dominique Tey

“I wrote this song when I was in a negative loop of thoughts and was trying to figure out why I kept going back to that place. I hated it but it was also a safe place, it was something romantic and bittersweet about it. Sometimes it’s easier not facing your fears and emotions, to just fall into that bad space. So this song became a process in facing those thoughts and feelings and by doing that I could own them and then let them go.”

Dominique Tey is talented female singer from Stockholm Sweden formerly a member of musical duo MAASAI. Dominique embarked on a solo career realising her first solo single Heartstream a few months ago. Let It Out is powerful song about forcing yourself to face your fears to embrace adversity and push through your problems. Dominique’s sweet angelic voice combines with atmospheric moody production creating a captivating soundscape that draws listeners in.

Images via Dominique Tey

Words by Kwame

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