Blinky Bill Drops Creative Music Video For Single Showdown ft MVROE, Kiwango

Blinky Bill aka Bill Sellanga is a talented rapper and producer from Kenya he is part of a new wave of African artists reaching a global audience. Blinky bill was part of an electro-funk African group called Just A Band who have collaborated with creative artists like Chance The Rapper & Childish Gambino. Blinky Bill’s creative genius was clear for all to see it was only natural for him to embark on a solo career.

Blinky Bill is different type of African artist he fuses traditional African music with new age millennial electronic sounds. His new Single Showdown features a heavy EDM style bassline combined with African influenced drum patterns. Blinky Bill’s unorthodox flow glides over the bouncy energetic vibrant backing track. MVROE and Kiwango provide stellar guest appearances matching the vibe of the track. The music video captures a house a super cool house party vibe we see different people reciting Blinky Bill’s lyrics.

Blinky Bill will be performing live at Birthdays on the 14th of October be sure to check him out

Buy Stream Showdown Here

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