DVWEZ brings back a classic nostalgic 90's RnB feel with her new single "The Life"

Florida based singer/songwriter and producer DVWEZ pronounced Dames has a very neo soulish vibe fused with a modern RnB sensibility. "The Life" feels like a late 90's early 2000's throwback referencing a time when RnB songs actually meant something. DVWEZ wanted to paint a picture of a performer's life illustrating the difficulty of balancing a relationship and musical career. DVWEZ beautiful flawless voice glides over a 90's RnB influenced beat complemented by modern moody synths. 

DVWEZ describes "The Life" in her own words:

 “I wanted to explore the idea of taking the wrong path and embracing your mistakes along the way. I was inspired to write ‘The Life’ after a conversation I had with my girlfriend. I think it’s especially hard for loved ones watching someone they care about try to make it in the industry. They’re very protective, and as the artist, you have to assure them that you’re making the right decisions – a truly impossible task. You’re really learning as you go.“

"The Life" is the first single from DVWEZ'S upcoming new "EP Paradise"

Post by Gideon Asibi