Grime legend Mercston gives a fire interview


East London grime artist Mercston is a legendary figure in the UK grime scene a mainstay in scene since the early 2000’s. he made a name for himself with a classic hit single Summertime which was a cult underground hit. Mercston is back with a bang in 2019 with a smash hit single featuring Wretch 32 No Banter and long awaited debut album on the way. We asked Mercston a few questions to get his views on the UK urban music scene and get an insight into his success and longevity.

How did you get into music ?

I started off in a crew called “mucky wolf pack” formed by former “pay as you go” member Gods gift

You have always been known as a lyrical MC how did you develop your style and flow ?

I think my style has developed from the kind of music I was brought up on. My dads a Dj that would always be running riddims on his technics 12”10’s .I grew up on soul, Rare grooves, reggae and Dancehall before hip hop. I’m a person that loves melodic sounds I feel that my style comes from a combination of those genres.

Do you miss the pirate radio days ?

I miss the rawness at times and instant competition but I don’t miss the faulty mics lol

What is your opinion on the current state of the UK urban music (Grime) scene ?

The current state of the U.K. music scene is healthy I respect and appreciate the growth it’s also good to see the new generation capitalising off of the music their putting out


Your new single No Banter feels like a Summertime part 2, was Summertime an influence when you made No Banter ?

Summertimeeee lol nah Summertime wasn’t an influence for this song at all but I’m glad that’s the vibe that your getting off of it because summertime was definitely a moment in my career

Your one of few grime artists from the early 2000's that has managed to stay relevant what do you put that down to ?

I put that down to innovation, not being afraid to try new things, believing wholeheartedly in the ability/talent I’ve been blessed with and making sure I put out good music consistently whether or not my “buzz” fluctuates.

What advice would you give to up and coming recording artists ?

Sounds cliche but I’d say be yourself work hard take opinions on board constructive Criticism is always good but nobody has the answers and try to always go with your gut feeling that’s usually the right one to go with.

What are your plans for 2019 what can fans aspect ?

2019 I plan to release Bangers and feature a lot more a tour back end of the year for my supporters to experience the sonics with me. My fans can expect my debut Album (it’s been a longtime coming I know) entitled Top Tier hands down my best body of work to date around the summer season.

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Words by Kwame

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