Kanye West Opens up to Charlamagne The God

Kanye West is a master at courting attention whether you love him or hate him you have to pay attention. When I saw Kanye West's Wearing a Make America Great Again cap I thought to myself its just Kanye being Kanye. Then he went on TMZ and said that 400 years of slavery was a choice this statement peaked my interest.  Kanye has faced a torrent of hate and abuse from the black community culminating in a heated argument on TMZ.

Kanye called one time nemesis Charlamagne Da God for an exclusive intimate interview. Kanye opens up like never before in the peaceful idyllic environment of his Calabasa estate. They talked about Kanye's mental breakdown, his support of trump and his views on JAY-Z and Barack Obama. For me the most interesting part of the interview was when Kanye talked about the world of fashion and the success of long time friend and collaborator Virgil Abloh.

Post by Gideon Asibi

Image credit: W Magazine

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