Chance The Rapper encourages recording artists to stay independent


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“I think the music industry is something that's very separate from music. So, by always staying on the music side of it, I've found success.”

Chance The Rapper recently sat down with rapper turned media personality Joe Budden for an insightful interview on his Joe Budden podcast. Chance discussed a wide range of topics touching on his upbringing, his relationship with Kanye West and the story behind his iconic three hat. Chance has had a lot of success that many people put down to him being a industry plant. Chance being an industry plant has been a long running conspiracy theory that claims that Chance is not independent and is actually secretly signed to a label.

Joe Budden brought up an apple deal which was worth $500,000 as proof that Chance is not independent and in fact does have a deal or partnership with a label. Chance fired back by saying that you don’t need a label to get an apple deal. Chances success as an independent artist is down to him and his team acting like a label and understanding the mechanics of the music industry.Chance wants to be an inspiration to new artists that you can be independent and be very successful at a high level.

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