Teenage fashion designer Freedom Doran breaks down the keys to his success


Freedom Doran's story is remarkable he started his label Marzenie in April and has since sold over 200,000 pieces. What makes this achievement even more incredible is the fact that Freedom Doran is only 15 years old managing to juggle a successful international clothing brand whilst still going to school. We asked Freedom a few questions to get his views on fashion and an insight into his success. 

What inspired you to start your brand ?

My inspiration to start Marzenie was that I wanted to create things that nobody else was creating and I wanted it so badly that I thought, why not share my creations with the whole world instead of just myself. As Well as that I was working around fashion 24/7 that I constantly had new design and clothing ideas every second so it made sense to create my own brand.

What is your creative process ?

I will get inspiration from the most random things at strange times and immediately do a quick sketch in my notebook and then when I come round to it then design it on Illustrator before refining and sending off to be produced at which point it will come back to me as a sample and then I will put it into mass production.

What does fashion mean to you ?

Fashion means expression, communication and impression. I express myself mostly through fashion weather I’m feeling lazy and decide to put on and oversized sweater or formal and wear a pinstripe suit. I communicate through fashion, I work with some of the most amazing people and meet incredible people that I couldn’t possibly retire from the fashion industry. I make impressions, good or bad as soon as someone sees what I, or anyone else for that matter is wearing, you are immediately judged at that moment.

Describe your personal style ?

 I would say that my personal style is minimalistic and high fashion yet casual. If that makes sense 

You have had a of of success very early what you attribute that to ?

I think that I would devote my early success due to perseverance, a positive mindset and determination. Within the fashion business it can be extremely difficult sometimes and people have rejected me countless times and said my work was horrible or not good enough but look where I am now.

How do you juggle running a successful business while still being in school ?

Being in school and having Marzenie is extremely difficult yet not impossible. I juggle the two by late night and early mornings my weekends can go from studying all day to going off to Milan for the fashion week weekend so I would say that my work day starts at 8pm and finishes around 4am depending on what I have to do.

Do you have any business advice for young creatives ?

I would say to young creatives to go for it at the end of the day a little shark is still a shark so just because your young doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to succeed at your age. 

What is your favourite pair of sneakers and why ?

My favourite pair of sneakers has to be the Gucci Snake Trainers as they have so much detail yet from a distance they just look plain and I think that represents me quite a lot that even with my style and presence I have a lot more to me than some people know.

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Post by Gideon Asibi

Image credit: Kwame Photography

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