Creative illustrator Kyoko Emura gives an insightful interview

Kyoko Emura is an illustrator and graphic designer based in London and Paris. We asked Kyoko to a few questions to get an insight into her creative process and her feelings on creativIty and art. 

What does art mean to you ?

Art isn't only a hobby, life is made of art and it is something we need in all of our lives. Art reflects our society, our emotions, ourself. We are living in a world surrounded by art. Architecture, advertisements, books, dance, movies, music etc. As life itself, it is really subjective what we can call art. Personally, art is a medium to express a feeling (a laugh, a smile, a deception, a pain, etc), to show and share a variety of cultures, to support causes.
Art is not a question of beauty, but a question of sensitivity. (It is quite sad to see that still today, art for some people is only a distraction and can't be taken more seriously. I have often heard that "artists" are just some mad people).

What is your creative process ?

Depending on the project I am working on, my process won't be the same. But it's always started with the same ritual I guess.

The first thing is I need a clean space, I can't start without cleaning and creating the most space for me to work in. Even if I am working on a small notebook, or a small piece of paper, or a roll of paper I need a cleared place. I guess it is like inside my head. Empty head, empty space. Or empty space, empty head, so new ideas, new elements can be anchored in it. Then, I start to add my pencils, pens, colours pencils, charcoal, rubber, turning on the music and it all starts. You can't just be "So okay, at 9 after my breakfast, I will draw for this project", I wish I could but I can't. Inspiration, creativity don't come that easily. I need brainstorming, I need to "feel it".

What inspires you ?

What inspires me is personal experiences, good or bad and the environment around me.
Meeting new people inspires me a lot, because most of the time we share our point of view, and it is really important to have a more objective point of view from "strangers" too. Because they don't know you, they don't know your work, therefore they are sharing what their first impression is. People are really inspiring. I never told them, but I met a lot of people who inspired me, not because they gave me some tips, or supported me; this is something that I again, can't really explain.
But I am grateful, thankful.

What is your favourite pair of sneakers and why ?

I won't be original for this question, my first pair of sneakers was the superstars with the pink stripes and since then, I have always liked that shape of sneakers. I like them because they are nice and comfortable to wear with a pair of jeans, with a long dress or a skirt to break the fancy side.

Describe your personal style ?  

I would say that I am mix style influences from my French and Japanese roots. I like wearing something classy but mixed with something a bit more crazy at the same time.

Who is your favourite artist ?

I didn't quote in my inspiration (but I should have) is Kimiko Yoshida. She is a Japanese photographer. Her work is a question about identity. I find myself in it.

What type of music do you listen to ?

To be honest, I listen and like every kinds of music.

It reminds me, of my first year of uni, with two other friends we were creating playlists to share to each other because we had different tastes, musical knowledges. 
We were mainly sharing rap, rock, jazz fav songs. And the type of music I listen to will also depend on my mood; when I'm drawing I like something a bit more punchy and groovy, if I want to be more dreamy, I will focus on listening to music where I imagine I can dance on it (can be commercial, can be classical, ballet), etc.

Photography by Gregory Dutein

Post By Gideon Asibi

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