Artist Shima Gohrji opens up in exclusive interview

Shima Gohrji is a young talented artist from Chiswick west London. We asked Shima a few questions to get an insight into her thoughts and views on life, art and fashion.

What does art mean to you ?

Art in itself means a lot to me, as cheesy as it sounds especially in this modern day and age where everyone uses art as a go to. To me creating art is like being able to speak a different language. To some it comes so naturally and to others it's a learning process, not to just find their muse but themselves in a sense and what really gets them going. 

What made you choose art ?  

For a long time, growing up I was very restricted in what and how I should be that would enable me to be settled in life. I wasn't really allowed to enhance further in the art culture until I realised I needed to stop living by what others expected of me; this allowed me to take control and enabled me to be more comfortable in my life, yet embracing me to get out of my comfort zone when necessary. A nice balance which I believe is always a must. 

What inspires you  ?

The beauty of struggle. whether it may be physical, mental, or emotional.?

What is your favourite pair of sneakers and why ?

Oh that's a tough one...for people that know me I'm a lover of sneakers and of course my timberlands. Ermm right now I would have to say my black and purple huaraches, despite being a couple years old, they go with anything and everything, come rain or shine, they're the most comfortable pair of shoes I have - thus far!

Describe your personal style ?

i don't really have a set style if I am honest, I take a chance and go with whatever I feel at that moment in time. but if I were to really say, it'd probably be a little edgy and in the now - does that make sense? All I know is whatever I am wearing, whatever the occasion, my rings have to accompany the get up. 

What's your favourite film ?

I was actually discussing this topic of question the other day with a close friend of mine...and to this day I can't class one film as my favourite; the list is rather long so I won't bore you with that, however the two films that popped up in my mind are, "The Breakfast Club" and "Menace To Society". Am I being cheeky in mentioning 2 ?

What type of music do you listen to ?

I've been brought up with a very diverse music background; from rock to r'n'b, rap to reggae, pop to house, so I can't really pick a favourite genre either, it alternates here and there. i am a deep lover of old school music however, i feel they don’t make music like that anymore. At the moment in time I have J Coles "4 Your Eyez Only" on repeat. a lyrical genius of our time, stimulating minds since day 1. I am a big fan of legendary hip hop artist 2-Pac Shakur he was more than just a rapper he was a cultural icon.

Photography by Kwame 

Post by Gideon Asibi

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