Trailer for Alexander McQueen Documentary "McQueen"

LionsGate UK have released a trailer for a documentary that chronicles the life of visionary fashion designer Alexander McQueen. McQueen's success is a prime example of the power of creative his talent took him from the east end of London to the top of the fashion Industry. Known for his avant-garde style and creative flair McQueen like any great artist wanted to evoke an emotional response from his work. McQueen helped to redefine fashion powerhouse Givenchy when he was there as chief designer. His legacy lives on through his own fashion label Alexander McQueen. He was maverick a risk taker sadly McQueen's death was sad loss   he was tragically found hanged at his home 11th of February 2010.

"McQueen" is released in Cinema June 8th 

post by Gideon Asibi

Cover Photography by Rankin

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