Mini-doc looks at the creation of Sean Wotherspoon's Air Max sneaker 97/1 Hybrid

Its that time of year again March 26th Air Max Day a day that nike celebrates the history of its trademark air max technology. Last year Nike took the sneaker world by storm with their revolutionary Vapor-Max shoe. While this years main focus is the new Nike Air Max 270 the hype belongs to the Sean Wotherspoon air max 1 x air max 97 hybrid sneaker. Sean Wotherspoon is a prominent figure in underground fashion culture he own the world famous round two boutique brand. Round two is favourite haut for rappers, singers and celebrities. Nike teamed up with Sean to produce a shoe that fused the thrift store reseller culture with Nkes iconic air max shoes.  

Content creator: Nike

Post by Gideon Asibi 

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