Yoann Lemoine's Music Video for "Iron" is an epic masterpiece

Yoann Lemoine's "Iron" music video took the world by storm when it was released in 2013 Lemoine single handedly changing the landscape of music video direction. Yoann Lemoine is a multitalented artist skilled in graphic design, music video direction and music under his alter ego WoodKid. "Iron" was the first single from Woodkid's debut album The Golden Age Yoann Lemoine described it as an autobiographical project, "Iron" defined Lemoine's visual style illustrating his masterful use of symbolism juxtaposing iconic imagery with a compelling narrative. Lemoine's imagination is his greatest strength he crafts vibrant worlds and mythologies that pull audiences in while his music provides the perfect soundtrack. In my opinion "Iron" was a short film that was repurposed into a music video the ideas are too broad and vast to be contained in such a short medium. 

Post By Gideon Asibi