Thibaut Buccellato's short film "The space between us" is a tale of love lost


Thibaut buccellato is a talented young french film director and screen writer based in Paris. Thibault has won two awards a best achievement at the 48h film project of Paris 2012 and best student film at the Nikon Festival in 2013. 


We all feel lost after a break up like our whole world stops Thibaut Buccellato perfectly captures this experience. 'The space between us' tells the story of a young woman coming to terms with a break and adjusting to being single while reminiscing on past relationships. 


Director : Thibaut Buccellato
Starring : Jade Hénot et Thomas Silberstein
Screenplay : Thibaut Buccellato et Stephane Leguay
Text : Beth Cormack
DOP : Clément Arenou
Ass. Director : Fanny Metzger
Editor : Zoé Sassier
Sound : Antoine Gervais et Matthieu Tertois
Original Music : David Rocchi
1er ass. camera : Dimitri Sorel & Loup Le Breton
2nd assis. camera : Felix Burnier
Casting Extra :Marine Richard
Make Up : Melina Le Bris
Gradding : Clément Arenou
Voice Over : Alexandra Kolasinski

Video soured from Vimeo

Post by Gideon Asibi