Distinguish'd Minds drop fire collection for SS19

Distinguish'd Minds is a progressive aspirational streetwear brand founded by talented creatives Jason Robinson & Kalani Sotomayor. The west coast based brand encourages individuality and innovation through creative imaginative design design philosophy .Their SS19 collection was inspired by the style and street culture of the Bay Area a city from the state of California. The Bay Area is a mecca for hip hop, fashion and creative culture super producer Hit Boy and successful film director Ryan Coogler where born and raised in the Bay Area.

Fashion designer Jason Robinson encapsulated many different aspects of Bay Area culture into the design of the SS19 collection. Jason created a collection that features staple streetwear silhouettes adorned with their inspirational motto “distinguish yourself from the rest”. The collection consists of beautifully embroidered hoodies in an array of colours, a dad hats in four different colours, a Sky Racer Jacket in earth dirt brown dirt brown, emerald green, and vermilion red.

The lookbook features quest appearances from fashion model Aerin Creer @AerinCreer, comedian @Lajuanesworld, viral dancer Chonkie @Chonkster_, founder of Vaulting Ambition Kalani Nicole @Kalani_nicole, designer and co-founder Jason Robinson @Distinguishd_jason

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Photography by Jason Robinson & Kalani Sotomayor

Words by Kwame

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