Balenciaga drops Matrix style video for SS19 campaign

Iconic fashion brand Balenciaga enlisted creative film director and artist Jon Rafman to create a campaign video for the summer 2019 season. The video pays homage to cult sci-fi films a key influence is sci-fi action adventure film The Matrix directed by Wachowski’s. Rafman shot the video in a fan-made parody low-tech style complete with computer game style special effects and royalty free sound effects.

The video loosely follows the narrative of The Matrix Rafman creativity recreated the futuristic world of the The Matrix. We see Models dressed head to toe in Balenciaga fighting throwing fire balls, skating and jumping trough portals. Key pieces include futuristic sunglasses sleek dresses and streamlined Matrix style overcoats.

Video and Thumbnail image courtesy of Balenciaga

Words by Kwame

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