Jerad Leto Stars in fashion film for Fear of Gods SIXTH COLLECTION

L.A based clothing brand Fear of God have released an ambitious fashion film to showcase their SIXTH COLLECTION and give a sneak peak at their upcoming Nike collaboration. The film features a child actor playing a young Jerry Lorenzo the actor is actually his son Jerry Lorenzo Manuel III. Young Jerry finds a special book as he opens the book Jerry is transported to a fantastical mystical world.

This world is filled with beautiful vistas and gorgeous scenery we meet Hollywood actor Jared Leto and model Maggie Maurer playing two mysterious enigmatic figures. The film snaps to the present we see Jerry Lorenzo hop out of car while Drake's single NonStop playing in the background sporting a pair his new Nike collaboration sneakers. The film was written and conceived by Jerry Lorenzo and brought to life by director Lane Stewart. The soundtrack was made by Canadian R&B duo dvsn the beautiful backing track combines well with the visuals.  


The collection has a natural earthy colour pallet which is combined with loose fitting stream line silhouettes which Fear of God is known for. Big bold logo designs bring a heavy streetwear influence to the collection. I feel like Jerry Lorenzo was trying to capture the wonder and beauty of nature with this collection he matches the feel of the great outdoors with an edgy streetwear vibe.


Created & Written by Jerry Lorenzo
Directed & Edited by Lane Stewart
Cast — Jared Leto, Maggie Maurer, Jerry Lorenzo Manuel III
Music — "So Will I" by DVSN
Produced by Chris Julian
Immersive Experience — Okidoki, Nikkolas
Associate Producers — Natalie Manuel Lee, Kayla Santacruz, Jen Sall
Cinematography — Manash Das
Additional Cinematography — Ian Rigby
Steadicam Operator — Liam Clark
First Assistant Camera — Joseph Cannon
2nd Assistant Camera — Olivia Montano
Lighting Design — Harrison Lippman / VOLT
Colorist — Arianna Shining Star / Apache
Styling & Wardrobe — Jerry Lorenzo, Jeff Lazaro, Chris Julian,
Natalie Manuel Lee, Karla Welch, Charlotte Upshaw
Makeup & Grooming — Jamie Taylor, Nicole Walmsley
Hair — Marcus Francis, Rachel Lee, Dallin James

Travis Van Dyke
Blake Pals
Glenn Milus
Michael Torio
Herb Akinyele

Johnny Singer
Juan Ruiz
Ruben Hernandez
Roanne Storey
Chelsey Arabia
Terry Oneal
Lao Le
Seth Modersohn
Jorge Arellano
Israel Carrillo
Jorge Duran
Augustus Minniefield
Anu Muppala
Ralph Zamuco

Images courtesy of Fear of God

Words by Gideon Asibi

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