Abasi Rosborough Spring 2019 collection draws from tribal culture

“We were trying to capture this really poetic idea of we’re all one tribe,”

Abasi Rosborough is an innovative fashion label pushing the limits of menswear design founded by Abdul Abasi and Gregory Thomas Rosborough. At first glance Abasi Rosborough’s spring 2019 collection has a futuristic team punk vibe but if you look a little deeper a powerful narrative emerges. Abdul and Greg researched tribes and cultures from around the world observing key elements of tribal life.The creative duo were inspired by the strong sense of companionship and community at the centre of tribal culture specifically drawing inspiration from the Bedouin and Berber nomads.

The Collection is a fusion of streamlined bold architectural silhouettes and traditional ethic fashion influences. Creative artist Corey James adorned some pieces with beautiful artistic striking typography which is reminiscent of tribal patterns. Abasi Rosborough have crafted a collection that blends different eras and cultures shamelessly into a cohesive innovative collection.

Photo: Gerardo Somoza / INDIGITAL.TV

Words by Kwame aka Gideon Asibi

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