Diamond Supply Co. Drops Basquiat collection to celebrate 20th Anniversary

L.A streetwear giants Diamond Supply Co. turns 20 this year to celebrate they produced a special collection featuring art work from iconic american artist Jean- Michel Basquiat. The guys at Diamond Supply Co got the permission of Basquiat's estate to use his iconic art for the collection. The collection features hoodies, sweat tops, t-shirts, caps, tote bags, skate decks and a stone wash denim jacket.  Each piece is adorned with Basquiat's unique innovative art style stark imaginative figures combined with thoughtful philosophical text . So many fashion collaborations seem forced coming off as blatant attempts to make money this collection feels more authentic.  

“We are thrilled to release the Basquiat collaboration to celebrate our 20th anniversary by honouring an artist whose fine artwork reflects the same rebellious style as the skate and street world, just like Diamond.”

Nicolas Tershay talks about Basquiat collection

You can buy the collection on the 24th of August online and at their L.A and New York stores

Image credit Diamond Supply Co.

Words by Gideon Asibi

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