FILA FW18 Heritage collection features logo heavy colourful designs

Big logo vibrant colours

Italian sportwear brand FILA have enjoyed a great resurgence over the past two years becoming a staple brand for hipsters and hypebeasts the world over. Fila has a long and intimate history with streetwear culture FILA has a nostalgic reverence that not many brands can match I remember begging my mum for my first pair of FILA's as a kid. FILA have gone back to what they do best for their FW18 hertige collection quality outlandish vibrant eye catching clothing. Loose fitting stream line silhouettes are adorned with big logos brash logo designs remiscent of 90's streetwear. European soccer culture is heavily incorporated in this collection capturing the ssesnce europrean sportwae fashion culture. 

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Image credit: FILA

Words by Gideon Asibi

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