Rihanna fuses beach and biker culture for her SS18 Fenty capsule collection

Rihanna's transition into fashion has been seamless and highly successful breathing new life into sportwear giant PUMA. Fenty has become a global fashion brand that rivals Kanye West's Yeezy imprint. PUMA have allowed Rihanna to be creative to create clothes that reflect her creative artistic mind. 

Season: SS18

This collection is eclectic but at the same cohesive drawing inspiration from biker and beach fashion culture. I feel a strong 90's influence from the logo centric designs and strong primary colour palette. Streetwear and beachwear looks are combined with street chic foowear designs a staple of Rihanna's Fenty brand. 

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Images courtesy of Fenty/ Puma

Post by Gideon Asibi

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