Off-White's Pre-Fall 2019 collection is the Drip

Off-white’s pre-fall 2019 collection was inspired by Alterazioni Video’s Incompiuto Siciliano study. The study which explores unfinished building projects looking at Italian architecture from WWII to the present day. The Collection titled “Incompiuto Pt. 1” reinterprets Alterazioni Video’s study into a creative conceptual collection with strong architectural influences.

The Collection:

The collection makes use of bold lines and cosy lose fitting silhouettes fused with bold designs and graphics that feels reminiscent of street art. We get beautiful pieces adorned with plaid designs, camouflage and innovative graphics prints. There is a raw unfinished feel to collection which gives the collection its own sense of character. My favourite piece from the collection is the oversized dark grey suit i an see oversized suits becoming a staple piece in 2019.

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Images owned by Off-White

Words by Kwame

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