Haris Nukem's "Faith" Exhibition takes a satirical look at millennial culture


Creative photographer Haris Nukem is back with another provocative intriguing solo exhibition. Faith is a collection of images that delves into millennial culture and Gen Z. Haris touches on social media, self indulgence, public services, hedonism, trolls and modern day tribalism. Nukem’s colourful vibrant surreal hyper-real images allow you to see the world from Haris Nukem’s point of view.

Curator Penelope Sonder talks about Haris

“Haris Nukem presents an in-depth understanding of a new generation as an exceptional storyteller behind the lense”

Haris rose to prominence on online social media platform Instagram he is one of the few so called Instagram photographers to actually have an impact on mainstream culture. His experience of being an asylum seeker has given him a unique perspective on British culture. Faith exhibition is a must see running from 16th to the 25th at Noho Studios located in west London.


Photography by Haris Nukem

Words by Kwame

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