Alex Prager's Silver lake Exhibition fuses art, fashion and film


The Photographers Gallery hosts Silver Lake an exhibition featuring the works of self taught american photographer and film maker Alex Prager.   Alex Prager was inspired to become a photograpger after seeing an exhibition by William Eggleston at the Getty Museum. Prager's work reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's cinematic style her work features many of the tropes and visual style of a Hitchcock film. One of her great strengths is her imagination her ability to create glamorous surreal dark twisted realities populated by intriguing complex characters. Alex Prager is a unique talent seamlessly able to switch between photography and film creating strong visual narrative stories.

Alex Prager talks about her project "Face In The Crowd" in the video below

Content video credits:

Directed by Jeff Vespa
Produced by Bailey Reise
Cinematographer Mike WIndle
Edited by Gary Blake
Music by Ultraísta

Cover Image: Photography by Alex Prager 

Content Image: Photography by Alex Prager

Words by Gideon Asibi

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