Seb Barros captures the real Africa with his "Lagos" Exhibition

Sony award photographer Seb Barros Lagos exhibition is an immersive visceral look at a hidden Africa you don’t see on mainstream media. Seb Barros captures the Nigerian city of Lagos telling a story through the people that live there exposing the local culture and way of life. Seb Barros utilised his background in documentary and sport photography crafting images that tell a story but also have a vibrant energy.

Lagos is a multimedia exhibition featuring photography film and music. A highlight of the exhibition is documentary film Dambe which documents the life of Taye, a Dambe boxer a traditional fighting style culturally important to the Hausa people of West Africa.

Location: Juju's Bar & Stage, 15 Hanbury Street, E1 6QL

Dates: 11th - 23rd October

Photography by Seb Barros

Words by Kwame

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