Artist Shima Gohrji's photography series "I Will Say Nothing" explores Identity and culture

Shima Gohrji is a talented young artist from Chiswick west London her latest work ‘I will say nothing’ is her first photographic project. Shima's  masterful use of Light and shadow creates powerful stark images that reflect the emotions of her subjects. Each portrait captures the spirit and essence of each subject.

 Shima describes her photography series ‘I will say nothing’ in her own words

For a long time I have been very intrigued by the theme of identity, whether personal, cultural, social, or anything else. In the times we live in now, where such a thing is ignored or focused on independently, it is necessary to shed further light on the notion as a whole to bring people together. Within my practice I have chosen to focus on the community around me (BA Fine Art, 3rd Year). Here I not only concentrated on the individuals at hand but approached them as a very diverse yet close group. It is very stimulating
to know that our differences can not only bring us together but to allow us to evolve in ways we would never have thought of. The flaws, which we see within ourselves, are what others may class as ‘beautiful’ or ‘intriguing’, enabling us to be unique. The way in which an individual emerges from and blends into their environment, causing their personal identity to
become lost over time fascinates me, so by photographing them separately, under the same conditions (such as lighting, surroundings, etc.) as their peers, it really does shine a light on their very own individuality, allowing their features to really stand out. This is to suggest that no matter the environment we are all in as a collective, our identity and our characteristics are still there. They make us who we are. The differences should not be
taken as negatives but positives, as they allow us to live in a harmonious habitat (most of the time). The intensity of the photographs speaks for themselves, so your very own perceptions projected upon them, are your very own. I have experimented with the sizes of the pieces, ranging from A5 all the way up to A1. The texts that may be present in some are statements which have been collected from the subjects themselves; this is another feature of the collection of photographs that really does portray the notion
of ‘personal identity’.

Read Shima's interview Here

Photography by Shima Gohrji 

Post by Gideon Asibi

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