Photography Exhibition "UNTETHERED" Captures the spirit of youth through the lens of great photographers Joseph Szabo and Sian Davey

"UNTETHERED" features two photography series "Teenage" by Joseph Szabo and "Martha" by Sian Davey. Both pieces of art chronicle the magic and wonder of youth a subject that transcends cultural boundaries. Joseph Szabo was a art teacher at Malverne High School in Long Island he created his series by taking pictures of his students as a way to engage them in his class. His students became his muses and the source of his inspiration "Teenage" captures essence of Szabo's artistry. Sian Davey collaborated with her step daughter whose name is the title of the series "Martha". Sian Davey captures Marta's life experiences illustrating the innocence and ambivalence of adolescence.

"UNTETHERED" shows at the Michael Hoppen Gallery from 6 APR - 20 MAY 2017

Michael Hoppen Gallery
3 Jubilee Place

Photography by Joseph Szabo and Siân Davey’s

Post by Gideon Asibi