Conceptual Documentary Photographer Richard Mosse's Art Installation "Incoming" is an unreal experience

Richard Moose is an innovative and conceptual documentary photographer known for pushing the limits of creativity. Richard is a winner of the prestigious Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. His latest work "Incoming" is and art installation that fuses multi-screen video with photography. The installation was made using advanced thermographic weapons technology designed to register heat signatures from as far as 30km. Richard captures the refugee crisis in aegean sea off the coast of Libya. The black and white aesthetic perfectly reflects the pain and despair of the refugee camp. The multi screen video walls gives you so many perspectives from different points of view which immerses you into the experience.

"Incoming" is at the Curve Gallery Barbican Centre showing until April 23rd 2017 admission is free 

Images sourced from Richard Mosse and Creative review

Post by Gideon Asibi